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Julie Montgomery-Smith

Hand-Built Ceramics

All my work is hand-built. I like to use a high grog white stoneware clay. I apply slips and glazes in layers, often multiple firing, until I am happy with the surface. I fire to around 1200*C depending on the glaze.

My work is inspired by my surroundings, nature in form and colour. I am lucky to live half my time on an island looking into the Adriatic sea and half in an ancient wood in England.

After doing a foundation course in art, I studied engineering, and worked as a civil engineer for a time before coming back to making things in a more subtle way. With my partner we run raku courses in Croatia, in a house I helped to build. 

While I have been making things and craft orientated all my life, I have been focused on ceramics for 26 years now.

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